Theme Parks in Tenerife

Something for Everyone

With it's year round near-perfect climate, Tenerife is a natural base for Animal Parks. In the North you can find Loro Parque, which is one of the largest zoo's in the world, owned by the world renowned Wolfgang Kiessling. In the South, Jungle Park and the excellent Monkey Zoo.

If you're after something a bit more active - there are two water parks on the Island. Aqualand water park and the recently opened Siam Park, which boasts the record of being the largest waterpark in Europe. Read on to find out more.

Siam Park (Playa de Las Americas)

Fabulous record breaking waterpark

Siam Park, the dream of Cristoph Kiessling (the son of Wolfgang Kiessling, owner of Loro Parque), was opened in September 2008 by the Princess of Thailand, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

With a Thai theme present throughout all aspect of the park - from the lush scenery and vegetation right down to the food served in the restaurants (although other choices are served as well), a visit to Siam Park is a little like entering a foreign country, and a great day out for everyone.

There is a massive selection of slides within the park, ensuring that everyone will enjoy something.

The park holds several records, such as the largest Dragon statue, and the most interesting is the largest man made wave machine - which can reach heights up to 3 metres tall!

Loro Parque (Puerto de La Cruz)

Animals in their Natural Habitats

Loro Parque, opened in 1972, quite literally translated into English, means Parrot Park. From the time they opened with just 150 parrots, they have grown to include many more animals within the grounds, however, they are still regarded as having the largest collections of Parrots worldwide.

With such a dizzying array of animals on show within the Zoo, you can easily spend an entire day here, and kids and adults alike will be enchanted by the shows.

Orcas, Dolphins, Sea Lions and Parrots all perform in excellent shows throughout the day, and are not to be missed.

Loro Parque holds several records as a testament to their excellence: Largest indoor Penguin exhibition, longest European Shark tunnel and the largest Dolphin Pool show.

Loro Parque is located in the North of the Island, in Puerto de la Cruz.

Jungle Park (Los Cristianos)

Excellent for Eagle enthusiats

Parque Las Aguilas, also known as Jungle Park - translates as Eagle Park. Whilst they have an awesome array of Eagles and birds on display, they also have over 500 species of other animals within their grounds.

What makes this park stand out amongst others of the same nature is the spectacular live bird show, shown throughout each day. You get to sit in and watch as Eagles and other grand looking birds are co-ordinated around by their trainers, with one of the highlights being given seed and having the birds walk around the audience feeding from hands!

Inside the park you'll find other animals such as Spider Monkeys, White Siberian Tigers with gorgeous coats, and many Birds of Prey.

Monkey Zoo Park (Los Cristianos)

At one with the animals

Situated just outside Los Cristianos, this wonderful zoo is home to a dizzying selection of monkeys on display, and by far the thing that makes this park stand head and shoulders above the rest is a caged walkway that literally takes you through the monkeys enviroment.

You can buy bags of mixed monkey food at the entrance, and it is highly reccomended to purchase at least 2 bags - the monkeys themselves are quite happy to feed from your hands as you walk through the cages, and it is a great delight to have them scamper around you and feed directly from your hands.

In addition to the Gibbons, Chimp, the Dill, and the other varieties of monkeys within the park, there are Jaguars, and a fine selection of birds.

Although not as large as the other wildlife parks on the Island, this one stands out purely for the ability to interact with the monkeys.